Di Fretti’s Barbershop 20 Years!

First of all, all the best for yet another year of laughter and joy!
2015 is the year that Di Fretti’s Barbershop is established for twenty years and still going strong! I would say another twenty years to go! April First was the official date that I got the key and started to make Di Fretti’s real in 1995 in a part of Leiden where there were hardly any proper shops left to visit! But my dream came true finally on my own and working out my idea of how to run a proper barbershop in a time that barbers were very out of fashion. But it worked as I hoped it would! And now 20 years on, and busier than ever, I can proudly say it worked.


  • by Tim de Vrind apr 06/2015

    Cheers Manfred en nog veel meer mooie knipjaren!

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